Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amusement Park Fun Choices

Do you get the most fun at a amusement park that costs the most, or that costs the least?  How is Valley Worlds of Fun, located in Fairmont West Virginia, a better value than Universal Studios Orlando?

The website Mainstreet.com tries to figure these questions out by studying 103 amusement parks using criteria like total cost for a family of four (all day pass, parking, no food, etc.), and whether there are rides (not just activities like mini golf).  Their final report lists the top 10 least expensive amusement parks and the top 10 most expensive in their article "The Most Expensive Amusement Parks".

Just for fun, from the Roller Coaster Database we've mapped the top 10 amusement parks that have the most inversions on their rides.  A roller coaster inversion is an element of a roller coaster track that turns riders upside-down and then rights them, which can be a good indication of the thrill-level.  Fun!

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