Friday, February 25, 2011

Unique New York Doughnut Shops

The Donut BookDonuts.  If ever there was a food that generated so much inner conflict, it would have to be donuts.  They are not only an indulgence, but a desire that seems to be genetically wired into us from childhood (not to mention the breakroom at work).

We previously published a map mashup of four "Best Donut" lists (America's Best Donuts - Where Are They?), and we wanted to add the places covered in a recent New York Times article called "A Flowering of the Doughnut Arts".

The New York TimesNot surprisingly, some donut shops (like Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop) end up on more than one list, so here are the best places you can be assured of getting a great donut experience!

Our map below includes all the donut places nationwide from our other article - use the View Larger Map link to find your next heavenly doughy bite.

View Larger Map

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